Importance of Putter Loft

Too Much Putter Loft

Contact below the equator of the ball

More backspin

Higher Launch angle

Inconsistent roll out distance

Ball strays from intended line

Roll of the ball during putt

|------------Bounce / Backspin / Skid-------------|---Forward Roll---|

Too Little Putter Loft

Ball Struck into ground

Excessive skid and bouncing

Inconsistent roll out distance

Ball strays from intended line

Roll of the ball during the putt

|--------------Bounce / Skid--------------|---------Forward Roll---------|

Proper Loft

Contact above the equator of the ball

True roll established quickly

More consistent rollout

Ball maintains intended line

Roll of the ball during the putt

|-----Skid-----|------------------------Forward Roll------------------------|

5 Step process to hitting a golf shot, short game or full swing

1st SURVEY   the type of shot

2nd VISUALIZE  how you are going to make the shot

3rd REHEARSE  making the shot

4th EXECUTE  the shot

5th EVALUATE  your performance

 About Me






Owner  / Director of Instruction, Class A Member of the PGA

Specializes in: Junior golfers, beginners, and advanced players

Matt has over twenty years of teaching and fitting experience, a graduate of the PGA PGM program, and a PGA member since 2005.  Matt left the ranks of being a club professional in 2010 to follow his passion for teaching and fitting. That same year he started the Matt Stotler Golf Academy. Matt was an OHSAA D1 Head Golf Coach for 16 years and had several of his students further their athletic career playing collegiate golf. 

Matt uses the latest in video technology that allows his student to better understand and feel the correct movements needed. This two-four camera video system consists of Trackman and V1 sports BodiTrak.  Students will be taught one of golf's most important lessons, how to properly practice. Additionally, his skills as an accomplished player will help all levels of students understand the process of improvement.


Chip, Pitch and Lob


Low Trajectory

Ball back in stance

Shaft leans forward

Weight 80% on lead foot

Putting motion-- minimal wrist action

Change club for carry distance and rollout


Mid Trajectory

Ball middle of stance

Slight forward shaft lean

Weight 60% on lead foot

Wrist hinge and sleight body turn


High Trajectory

Ball forward in stance

Shaft vertical

Weight 50 / 50 between both feet

Club face slightly open

Full wrist hinge

Open stance

 Golf Academy

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Matt Stotler Golf Academy

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Matt Stotler Golf Academy

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The Matt Stotler Golf Academy has a tradition of offering the finest instruction that dates back more than a decade. Golf instruction has developed into many components including: PGA instruction, club performance upgrades, state of the art video analysis, launch monitor systems, pressure mapping technology, fitness & stretching, and course management strategy. Our curriculum was designed to enhance every aspect of the game from putting, pitching, chipping,  and full swing. You'll work one-on-one to identify your strengths and weaknesses and improve your skill level. From proven teaching methods to video swing analysis, each student will have a clear picture towards the path of improvement.