* New Student Assessment   $185.00

​Includes online report from mytrackman

Each new student starts with a comprehensive evaluation. This session is 105-120 minutes in length. During the session you will have: 

*Warm up, Range and Lecture time 

*Personal Interview

*​Ball flight assessment

Body motion assessment, body motion bending, extending, and rotating of your body

*Video recording review and strategy for improvement

*High speed / high definition video file of your swing to keep

*Practice plan and training

*With proper mechanics, drills, and exercises, you develop skills towards a more consistent game.


* Find your Distance / Yardage Assessment  $100.00

This session is 60 minutes in length. With this feature, the student will be able to find the average carry and total distance for every club. The student will also be able to find the average gaping between each club. This feature provides necessary data to know how far you are hitting each club. You will then be able to know which club to hit depending on the yardage. Club selection is critical for lowering your scores. Do you know your distances?

For a sample report email mattstotlergolf@gmail.com


*Trackman Combine  $100.00

​This session is 60 minutes in length. The TrackMan Combine is a standardized test , enabling golfers to identify strengths and weaknesses - as well  as compare their performance to other peer groups. The TrackMan Combine consists of 60 shots, you hit 6 shots to 10 different targets, ranging from 60 to 180 yards, as well as 6 drives,  each of which is scored on a scale of 0-100. When the test is completed, every player receives:

*A TrackMan Combine score for every yardage

*An aggregate TrackMan Combine Score

*A percentile ranking for each yardage - based on their selected peer group

*The average distance from pin at each yardage

*The average driver distance and accuracy

The Trackman Combine database consists of thousands of scores. The range of participants stretches from Major Championship winners to 25 handicappers and everywhere in between. With TrackMan Combine's worldwide acceptance and web-based services, the database will continue to grow at a very rapid pace.

Features and Benefits

*Each yardage is scored to identify strengths and weaknesses

*Time efficient: Around 35 minutes with immediate feedback

*Compare yourself to peer groups & internationally ranked players

*Results are hosted online on your TrackMan account at MyTrackMan.com

* My TrackMan .com allows students and teachers to review results anytime

*Initiate discussions like: technique, equipment, and goal setting  


*Trackman Monitored Practice 

Made By Appointment

Trackman practice allows us to create specific skill assessments and test that can be designed to fit (you) the golfers needs. We generate student own test protocols that focus on wedges, the driver, or any random distances. We have the control to create the perfect practice plan for you, that will improve your game!

Make it Measurable - Make it Real - Make it Hard

Elite player practice with TrackMan! 




Bench​mark your Game!