Matt Stotler Golf Academy Coaching Plan is a comprehensive training program for players committed to lasting improvement of their game.

Your 12 month blueprint / lesson plan:

Post Competitive Season  November 1 - November 30

* evaluate changes from past season

* decide on changes for upcoming season

* minor or major swing change

* develop a blueprint for change

Off Season  Dec 1 - March 14

* minor changes should be part of practice sessions

*major changes will take time, even longer on course

*major changes should be done during non-competitive or playing season where you do not have to record your score

* stay committed to change in progress

Pre Competitive Season March 15 - April 30

* finish up, fine tune, and stay committed to swing changes

* work on short game and putting stroke

* dial in wedge distance, gap session

Competitive Season May 1 - October 31

* stay committed to new swing changes

* maintain new swing change

* no swing changes during this time

* be ready for the competitive or playing season

* focus on scoring not changing

Included with programs:

 1-Hour Private Session With An Additional Hour Of Structured Practice

Personalized Goal Setting

Benchmark Testing

 Session Notes, Videos, & Drills Emailed Following Each Session

Online Access To Progress Tracking & Assessments

Trackman Ball Flight Analysis

 Swing Assessment / Evaluation 

Short Game Assessment

Body Motion Assessment (Bending, Extending, & Rotating)

Strength & Conditioning Drills

Trackman Putting Analysis

Trackman Yardage Assessment

Trackman Combine

 Course Specific Strategy

 Mental Coaching

Consulting For Tournament Selection & Scheduling

Tournament Preparation

College Golf Consulting

Understanding Swing Sequence, Swing Timing, & Swing Speed

Access to:



*Junior Performance Coaching Program 

3-Month  $290.00 / Mo  $ 870.00

6-Month  $280.00 / Mo  $ 1680.00

12-Month  $270.00 / Mo  $ 3240.00 

​2 -  Two Hour Sessions Monthly

Private Session & Structured Practice


*Senior Performance Coaching Program 

3-Month  $500.00 / Mo $ 1500.00

6-Month  $490.00 / Mo $ 2940.00

12-Month  $480.00 / Mo $ 5760.00

4 -   Two Hour Sessions Monthly

Private Session & Structured Practice​_________________________________________________________________________________

*College Team Member Program 

 $ 1200.00

10 -  Two Hour Sessions when players are in town

Private Session & Structured Practice





Bench​mark your Game!